Policy regarding payment via Bizify.me

All products that are sold using Bizify me must be in accordance with Swedish laws and our policy. Some products must also be approved for sale by our partners.

Violation of this policy results in suspension of your Bizify.me account and we also have the right to reject approved payments, if there is reason to assume that it would conflict with this policy.

Bizify.me is exclusively focused on the sale of digital information, but to avoid any misunderstandings, here is also a list of products that are banned, and products that are allowed with restrictions.

Prohibited products / services

All kind of drugs, even some unsuitable compounds
Escort services
Used underwear
Pharmaceutical , medicine and performance enhancing supplements and health products
Pirated material (such as music , software , clothes , bags, documents )
Online games where you can win money
Donations and membership in racist clubs / associations that advocate hatred
Unofficial charity and aid organizations
All kind of weapons
Financial services including financial advice
Pyramid Operations / Sales and «multi level marketing»
«Lowest Unique Bid» Auctions
Penny Auctions
Tobacco (eg snuff goods, cigarettes, cigars)

Permitted with restrictions *

Vitamins, supplements and health products
Hunting Accessories and Knives
Sex Toys
Erotic content (such as film and images)
Dating Services
Personal Protective Equipment
Share Games with companies approved by the Gaming Board
VPN services

* An assessment is made in each case. Business must always meet current regulatory requirements and assessment is also made from a risk, complaints and reputational perspective. Bizify.me reserves the right to determine whether a user’s use of the service shall be deemed attributable to any of the above products or services and therefore are not in accordance with this policy. Please note that some payment options are not available when selling products with restrictions and that you keep a maximum of 70 % of the revenue when selling products with restrictions.